SkyWin HowTo - SkyWish selection

How to set up which jumpers are shown in SkyWish, depending on a selection in SkyWin


If SkyWish is setup on a different (second) computer, it can be used by jumpers to manifest them selves. The jumpers is then visible in SkyWin®, letting the manifestor assign them to adequate load(s).

The standard setup of SkyWish will show the same jumpers as the manifestor can see, and sometimes it is desireable to restrict which jumpers are seen in SkyWish. As a result of that the jumpers that are NOT seen in SkyWish will have to go to the manifestor instead.

A common approach is to only show jumpers that have enough money on their account and have a valid license.

Description of usage

Choose, or create, a Selection to use for SkyWish in SkyWin | Register | Selection....
A new Selection can be created by copying another and then making changes. The Selections are defined by regular SQL and requires knowledge of how the database is structured.
If required, you can get help with the SQL definitions by sending a mail to us and specifying in detail how the Selection should be used.

An example of a SQL definition for "Jumpers with active license and account balance > 0":

Year=%y AND Balance > 0

Test the Selection by viewing members in SkyWin®, and choose the Selection in the upper right corner.
Review the list of Members, these are the Members that will be able to manifest them selves in SkyWish.
Please note that the technique of using Selections means that the list of Members will differ over time, depending on the result of the Selection SQL.

Make use of the Selection for SkyWish by changing in SkyWin | File | Options... | Manifest | Selection for Wishlist in SkyWish.
Restart SkyWish to accept the new settings.