SkyWin® One release notes

Release 21.5

This version requires SkyWin 21.2
21.5.3  —  Oct 10, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • API pax-report can be used without a member, to get statistics
Bug fixes
  • API for Passenger/POST and PUT - handle attribute jumpTime correctly.
21.5.2  —  Aug 4, 2021
Bug fixes
  • API for MemberLicenses, MemberInstructs and MemberCertificates - correct handling of identity for POST method.
21.5.1  —  Jul 22, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Messages - the message text is clickable for showing details about it.
  • Jump program - the Program is clickable for showing details about the Student jump.
  • Event Queuem - the Event data is clickable for showing details about it.
  • Checkin API - new API for checking in members/guests.
  • SkyView - added loads of tomorrow in the view.
Bug fixes
  • Student Jump - can be saved while selecting the All members option for Instructor selection.
21.5.0  —  Jun 2, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Passenger type "Cockpit" - for registering persons that will join the Aircraft but not jump.
  • Jump type "Cockpit" which only can be used by Passenger type "Cockpit" - will always be marked as "Only flying/No jump".
  • Searching for members in the Checkin has been extended to work also using the internalNo attribute.
  • SkyView - all content is compressed to enable showing more rows.
  • SkyView - new settings to show/hide the clock on top or below the jumpers.
  • SkyView - number of jumpers is shown for groups that does not show the actual jumpers in a list below the group name.

Release 21.4

21.4.1  —  May 29, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Removed validation of contact person/phone for existing Member - will only apply when creating new members.
  • Added validation of Gender for Member.
21.4.0  —  May 24, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • All amounts will now accept decimals.
  • Edit all Aircraft prices (for one Aircraft at a time) in the same view - like in a spreadsheet.
  • Jump Queue - added field for Comment.
  • Reserve pack date will only be checked if it exists, Members without the date can jump anyway.
Bug fixes
  • Discount will not be reset to zero when changing a Passenger in the Jump Queue.
  • Jump Queue - Searching for a Member with both first and last name can now find the member, e.g. "Johan Johansson".

Release 21.3

This version requires SkyWin 21.1
21.3.2  —  May 11, 2021
Bug fixes
  • SkyView can show loads without time for lifting.
21.3.1  —  May 10, 2021
Bug fixes
  • Looping startup of application due to missing information fixed.
21.3.0  —  May 9, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • New horizontal layout for SkyView.
  • SkyView can show the last load up in the air with flight info.
  • Action buttons moved to the top of the list- and detail- pages. Edit/Create pages still have buttons on the bottom to force the user to scroll down to be able to see all fields.
  • Clear all caches available on Status page (for role ADMIN), and all individual cache buttons have been removed.
  • Removed the arrow buttons (up/down) from Member no fields.
  • Added anonymous analytics collection and periodic transfer to GoogleAnalytics.
  • Trigger numeric keyboard for handheld units when changing attributes with numbers only.
Bug fixes
  • API/Trans - changed the response to contain more attributes.
  • Clock animation in SkyView fixed for Safari browser.

Release 21.2

21.2.2  —  May 1, 2021
Bug fixes
  • API/Trans - corrected the error handling to allow update even if Member/Group is not correct.
21.2.1  —  Apr 29, 2021
Bug fixes
  • Accept-header can contain more than one value for API calls.
21.2.0  —  Apr 25, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Swedish texts in the application.
  • Role TANDEM added.
  • Passengers - Create Health Declaration as PDF.
  • Passengers - Create Tandem report as PDF.
  • Passengers - Save all passengers that are grouped together when changing jump date or jump time.
  • Passengers - Delete passenger.
  • Passengers - Smarter list with filtering.
  • Passengers - Auto-refresh the passenger list.
  • Passengers - Group/Ungroup passengers.
  • Passengers - Transfer passengers to/from the Jump Queue.
  • Showing a Member will emphasize if License and/or Reserve pack date is valid for jumping.
  • A new setting to choose whether a reserve repack date check should be performed.
Bug fixes
  • API/Trans - now possible to POST to path either with or without accountNo.
  • API/Trans - attribute accountNo in the body is ignored if posting to a path with accountNo.
  • API/Trans - better error message(s) for attribute error(s).

Release 21.1

21.1.1  —  Apr 7, 2021
Bug fixes
  • SkyView countdown timer calculation uses local time to show correct number of minutes left.
21.1.0  —  Apr 5, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Jump Queue - show weight of jumper/group in Edit mode, only if logged in with role MANIFEST.
  • Jump Queue - price is set to zero if "Organizer", only possible to change if logged in with role MANIFEST.
  • Jump Queue - group and un-group jumpers from the menu.
  • Show "Log out" on the logout-button in the menu.
  • Auto-select aircraft for new Load if only one aircraft in the list.
  • Delete a Message is now possible.
  • Added time picker when editing Message to easily decide when the message will be removed.
  • Delimiter for Message added, semicolon will result in new row when printed on SkyView.
Bug fixes
  • Pagination corrected when listing Members, Groups, Clubs, Transactions or System parameters
  • Message for SkyView will be removed at the stated time for removal.

Release 21.0

21.0.7  —  Mar 30, 2021
Bug fixes
  • Corrected the server link for keyboard shortcuts.
21.0.6  —  Mar 29, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Added error message at startup if no dataSource could be found in the properties.
21.0.5  —  Mar 21, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Updated the permissions to be more restricted when a person is not logged in.
21.0.4  —  Mar 15, 2021
Bug fixes
  • Error with duplicate key in intLogg insertion corrected.
  • Error with userid missing in intSystemparameter corrected.
  • Update member without an Education gave an error.
21.0.0  —  Mar 14, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • The Jump Queue is here - to replace the old SkyWish were jumpers and groups can manifest themselves.
  • The new and updated SkyView - to replace the old SkyView showing all manifested jumpers and groups.
  • Checkin, or add, jumpers
  • Administer your settings like jump types, aircrafts and prices.
  • Permission control that let's administrator add users and their roles.
  • New API for connecting SkyWin data from and to other applications, and if you have been using our API component previously, it's very important to check out the API conversion instruction.
  • Totally updated application, see this installation documentation.

Release 20.2

20.2.0  —  May 24, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • API endpoints for Passenger/Trans - to update payment information for a Passenger

Release 19.0

19.0.1  —  May 1, 2019
New features / enhancements
  • THE FIRST VERSION of SkyWin One !!!
  • API endpoints for Member, Passenger, Jump, Transaction and some old ones for backward compatibility to the previous Web Service
  • View functionality for Member, Club, Passenger, Transaction
  • Full functionality for Groups
  • Full functionality for User and Role handling
  • SkyView in a new format, this is under construction so consider it a BETA

SkyWin® release notes

SkyWin® 21.2

21.2.2  —  Oct 17, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Perform a local backup of the properties file before opening SkyWin.
21.2.1  —  Jun 7, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Change status of Passenger which gets deleted from a Load, if the Jump is registered for today or later.
Removed functionality
  • SkyCalls is no longer delivered as a part of the SkyWin installation package.
21.2.0  —  Jun 2, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Added type ("Tandem" or "Cockpit") for Passenger.
  • Added Jump type "Cockpit" as a new system owned type.
  • Updated printout Loadsheet to show Passenger of type "Cockpit" more apparent.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed minor flaws in the printout Loadsheet.
  • Corrected calculation when running "Fix account" for transactions with Amount 0.01 there was sometimes an error not including the last digit.
  • Fixed archiving database, if the database was archived with an earlier version of SkyWin the old archived amount could be skipped and thus giving wrong balances on Member accounts.
Removed functionality
  • The view for Passengers can no longer be accessed if the type "Cockpit" has been used from SkyWin One.

SkyWin® 21.1

21.1.1  —  May 11, 2021
Bug fixes
  • Report Jump account statement has been corrected in regards to balances.
21.1.0  —  May 9, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Added table for event handling.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed intLogg table for MySql to InnoDB format. Changed Primary Key.
  • Reports with Transactions or Balance have been corrected to include payments that where made after midnight the last day of the month (e.g. "2021-04-30 02:00:00").

SkyWin® 20.3

20.3.6  —  Apr 25, 2021
Bug fixes
  • Always show at least 1 jump leader to avoid getting stuck when creating a new Load.
  • Duplicates of Passengers were created when moving back and forth between the Manifest and the Wishlist.
Removed functionality
  • Create new database functionality.
20.3.5  —  Apr 5, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • Delimiter for Message added, semicolon will result in new row when printed on SkyView.
20.3.4  —  Mar 8, 2021
New features / enhancements
  • New details on report Jump statistics for end-of-year summary of climate compensation basis.
  • Updated climate prices for Sweden, agreed upon with SFF.
  • New Certificate types (for Sweden only), TRCK ("Tracking") and TRCK-I ("Tracking leader"). They will also be shown in the manifest list and on the Loadsheet
  • Validation that member no only is used your own nationality, and that external member no only is used for other nationalities than your own.
  • Prepared for use together with the new and updated SkyWin One - check it out today!
Bug fixes
  • Name of instructor printed on Pax diploma corrected.
Removed functionality
  • Database lock functionality.
  • Database initialize functionality.
  • The support for Microsoft SQLServer has been removed. SkyWin will still work but no more updates delivered. If you are using Microsoft SQLServer for your SkyWin data, please contact SkyWinner to get help with migration.
20.3.3  —  Dec 14, 2020
New features / enhancements
Bug fixes
  • Corrected the calculation of accounts when archiving database.
20.3.2  —  Nov 9, 2020
New features / enhancements
Bug fixes
  • Corrected the printout Jump account report which gave an error for periods with no account transfers.
20.3.1  —  Oct 7, 2020
New features / enhancements
Bug fixes
  • Corrected the archive function to also remove persons with Member type PAX.
20.3.0  —  Aug 24, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • Added text on printed Loadsheet if jumper is marked as no jump.
Bug fixes
  • Corrected the calculation of number of jumpers on the printed Loadsheet, to not include those marked as no flying.

SkyWin® 20.2

20.2.9  —  Jul 28, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • If a jump is of type Photo or Video, the jump will NOT be debited for a VideoType which can have a fixed price.
Bug fixes
Removed functionality
  • Setting that could hide the weights on the printed load sheet has been removed. Weights will always be printed.
20.2.8  —  Jul 28, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • New option, to enable (or disable) the check button Payment received when manifesting a tandem passenger.
  • Video type being changed on a tandem passenger in the manifest, will also be copied to the video person, and vice verse.
Bug fixes
  • Video type should be copied to video person when manifesting a tandem passenger.
20.2.7  —  Jul 15, 2020
New features / enhancements
Bug fixes
  • Fixed error not showing all jumpers when that was selected for the Log book.
20.2.6  —  Jul 14, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • Update to price calculation, if Member has EducatedDate we still try to find a matching student jump program, thus letting finished students jump on another program.
Bug fixes
20.2.5  —  Jul 8, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • New option in the Manifest tab for entering Load details before the first jumper of each jump day.
  • Emphasize that max load when editing aircraft also includes the weight of pilot(s).
  • Re-ordered attributes when manifesting a jumper.
  • Added keyborad shortcut for the Again toggle when manifesting many jumpers in a sequence.
  • Remove Role from Load, when removing a jumper having any of the roles Felleader or Jump master.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for changing status of a Load.
  • Show Member no in Payments after searching for a member.
  • Add button to Show account from the Manifested jumper page.
  • Add button for making a payment from the Show account page.
  • SkyWin License Key is automatically inserted if at least one instance of SkyWin previously has entered a valid License Key.
Bug fixes
  • Corrected the calculation of max load weight, taking the weight of pilot(s) into consideration, when copying jumpers, moving jumpers, booking a load and for showing the value in red when it is below the threshold.
  • Enable printout Plane statistics for MySQL databases with sql_mode=ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY.
20.2.4  —  Jul 5, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • Add tag felleader in the XML-variant of SkyView, and mark jumper with attribute felleader=true.
  • When manifesting a student, the altitude will be taken from the education plan (like always) but also reduced if it is higher than the default altitude for the aircraft.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed error (runtime 13) when trying to assign Felleader to a jumper that already was assigned.
  • Stop crashing with runtime error if Jump master configuration are missing.
20.2.3  —  Jun 17, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • Option to print all jumpers in the load for the Log book.
  • SkyWin will remember the settings for Log book options "Include jumpers in Group" and "Include all from the Load".
  • Report Activity ranking has been extended with Pilot ranking (on the last page).
Bug fixes
20.2.2  —  Jun 17, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • Only allow Felleaders or Loadmasters that actually are in the Load.
  • Easily choose Felleader from Load, Group or directly for Jumper.
  • Setting to enable a Warning, or a Stop, when trying to Book a Load without Felleader.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed the scenario when entering settings without any Loads at all (only happens first time), removed unspecified error for that scenario.
20.2.1  —  Jun 4, 2020
New features / enhancements
Bug fixes
  • Archiving Loads for MySQL database returned error, fixed.
  • Archiving Jumps and Loads included the given date, corrected to only include items older than the given date.
20.2.0  —  May 24, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • Added support for Swish (Sweden) payment type for Passengers.
  • Functionality to start external program to handle payments for Passengers. See the documentation for External Payment Execution for Pax found under Documentation | Manuals.
  • New instructor type FL, Felling leader (Liftchef), to support regulations in Sweden
Bug fixes
  • Nope

SkyWin® 20.1

20.1.0  —  Jan 16, 2020
New features / enhancements
  • Report Jump type report - added a summation below the table of jumps, with a sum of photo/videotypes for jumpers having stats for those types.
Bug fixes
  • Nope

SkyWin® 19.1

19.1.1  —  Jul 30, 2019
New features / enhancements
  • Added MemberType PAX to the initial XML (only affects new users)
  • Installation of SkyWin now includes redistributable for VC++ 2010.
  • Print preview (to screen) includes a Print button to quickly print everything you see to a printer.
Bug fixes
  • The counter for load lists, when printing to paper, did not always include all jumps.
  • Property NumberOfPreviewPages was initialized from another legacy property called LblStartTop.
19.1.0  —  Feb 25, 2019
New features / enhancements
  • MemberNo always NULL instead of 0. Preparation for SkyWin One.
Bug fixes
  • Nope

SkyWin® 18.2

18.2.1  —  Sep 9, 2018
New features / enhancements
  • Pax Diploma can be printed on template, details printed are Pax name, Instructor name and Jump date.
Bug fixes
  • Free weight for a Load was by mistake too low, corrected calculation to only include jumpers and pilot(s).
Removed functionality
  • All support for printing Labels.
18.2.0  —  Aug 19, 2018
New features / enhancements
  • All prices can differ depending on the membership (Club) - open Aircraft | Prices to adjust them.
  • Resizable window when editing Aircraft.
  • When entering a new Price profile it is now mandatory to select another profile to copy prices from - to avoid missing prices.
  • An option to remove all group members has been added to the secondary menu (right-click) for Group members.
  • When adding group members the dialogue will stay open until user clicks Cancel - makes it faster to add many members.
Bug fixes
  • Nope
Removed functionality
  • The support for printing Labels has been removed.
  • Function to automatically import external payments is now inactive.

SkyWin® 18.1

18.1.1  —  Aug 13, 2018
New features / enhancements
  • GDPR compliance, possibility to remove data for all relevant persons automatically or manually. See the full documentation for GDPR implementation in SkyWin found under Documentation | Manuals.
  • A new way of changing jump type for a bunch of jumpers simultaneously, will work within a Load, and if the jumpers already have the same jump type.
Bug fixes
  • Time comparison has been removed for Loads with Take off time, to avoid Type mismatch error for some time formats.
18.1.0  —  May 16, 2018
New features / enhancements
  • GDPR compliance, new permission role Data protection officer and function to erase information from members.
  • Enabled update of attribute Education date to manually set when a student has completed an education.
Bug fixes
  • Input validation of amount fixed for Video type and Wingcam type dialogues.
  • Pilot weight is included when calculating the available weight for a Load.
  • Ordering jumpers in a Load by their group, instead of Altitude - to correct broken groups if jumpers with different Altitude were grouped together.
Version 7.5.2 and up